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Choose your plan


Per Month
or €8.990 Per Year

10.000 Bot Responses

5.000 Products

CSV Product Upload

GPT - 3,5

Support Level - Silver


Per Month
or €17.990 Per Year

25.000 Bot Responses

15.000 Products

CSV Product Upload

GPT - 3,5

GPT - 4*

Support Level - Gold


For Pricing

> 25.000 Bot Responses

> 15.000 Products

CSV Product Upload

GPT - 3,5

GPT - 4*

Remove Branding

Support Level - Platinum


*GPT - 4 consumes x10 credits per response

Pricing FAQs

Is there a free plan?

No, unfortunately, we cannot offer free plans as we have to upload and process your whole product catalogue in order to train the bot. This preliminary step is already quite cost intensive.

How do message credits work?

One bot response with GPT-3.5-turbo (the default model) consumes one credit. A bot response using the more advanced GPT-4-model consumes 10 credits. You can decide what model fits best to your needs.

Can I implement the chatbot on as many domains as I wish?

Certainly, you can use your custom AI product advisor on as many domains as you wish. However, there is a limit on chatbot responses depending on your subscription tier.

How complicated is the installation of the chatbot?

To implement the chatbot in your online store you only have to add a single line of code. You may also use Google Tag Manager.

When are my response credits renewed?

Your credits are renewed at the start of every calendar month regardless of when you subscribed.

How shall I provide my product catalogue?

We need a CSV-file with your offers. We can provide an example file and we can also process existing feeds like your Google Shopping feed.

What happens if I run out of response credits during the month?

There are two options. You may pause your campaign (and your chatbot will disappear automatically) or you choose to pay with a cost-per-response (CPR) pricing model. Every extra bot response will be charged @ 0.06 EUR per response (GPT-3.5-turbo) or 0.60 EUR (GPT-4).

What languages does the chatbot support?

Our AI chatbot speaks more than 100 languages fluently. So you can use the same chatbot in several countries with no need to adjust the language. However, if you have different products for different markets (and hence, different product feeds), we would suggest to set up multiple chatbots (one bot per feed).

How does the Enterprise Plan work?

You get 25,000 response credits included in the plan when you subscribe. Every message after that will automatically billed using the cost-per-response (CPR) model.

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